Commercial Real Estate

Every commercial real estate transaction carries an element of risk. The lawyers in our Commercial Real Estate group not only identify that risk and help you understand how it impacts your project now and in the future, they set themselves apart by taking a pragmatic, real-world approach to determining what constitutes an acceptable level of risk. They fight unwaveringly for their clients to win as much as they can but are astute at identifying when compromise is in their best interest.
At Chaitons LLP, we help property owners, real estate developers, builders, tenants, and landlords structure complex real estate deals and address any and all issues that can arise during the development, financing, acquisition and sale of commercial real estate properties. We understand the numerous challenges these transactions entail both financially and logistically, and work hard to minimize delays and complications. Our lawyers are business minded, solutions oriented professionals who pride themselves on always keeping their clients’ interests top-of-mind.

Contact one of the lawyers in our Commercial Real Estate group if you are looking for a real estate specialist who will get down to the business of finding intelligent, cost-effective solutions to your problem.