Sustainability Policy

As a law firm, we have an impact on the environment as we are constantly consuming natural resources to run our business.

At Chaitons, we are committed to reducing our environmental footprint across our business operations.   Managing how we operate, minimizing our impact on the environment and  supporting our people  in following best  practices in their day-to-day activities is routinely encouraged.  Some of our sustainability efforts include:

Waste Reduction & Recycling

  • Recycle 90% of all office products
  • Use paper with at least 30% post-consumer recycle content for all paper stock
  • Endorse a full paper and plastic recycling program throughout our office
  • Conduct annual waste audits to reinforce positive "green" behaviour
  • Email incoming faxes directly to recipients’ computers
  • Print double-sided when possible
  • Reduce print by modifying workflows and reviewing documents  on the computer
  • Use paper that is Forestry Stewardship Council approved and recycle all our paper

Energy Conservation

  • “Energy Star” rated office machinery, appliances and electronic devices
  • Automatic standby mode and power management policies are on all workstations
  • Sensor lighting to ensure lights are off when not in use
  • Compact fluorescent lighting

Pollution Prevention

  • Recycle printer toner
  • Climate Challenge awareness seminars
  • Participation in the Shuttle Challenge
  • Support of remote services to minimize auto emissions
  • Chaitons’ Model Sustainability Policy


Chaitons  supports a triple bottom line vision of sustainability.  That means developing resources in a way that delivers economic prosperity, improves social well-being and creates a healthy environment for today and tomorrow.

We  follow this vision of performance, publicly communicate this commitment and periodically report our progress and challenges. To identify practices and programs to help implement this policy, we  give due consideration to the relevant policies, programs and legislation in force.

Economic success: the wise use of financial resources

  • Organization’s Economic Prosperity.  Our organization is positioned to survive and prosper economically.
  • Community’s Economic Prosperity.  We help our community to survive and prosper economically through the payment of taxes, salaries, and suppliers, and through our civic and philanthropic efforts.

Social responsibility: respect for people

  • Respect for Employees.  We treat those within each level of our workforce in a respectful way, especially with regard to compensation and benefits; promotion; training; open, constructive dialogue with management; working conditions that are safe and healthy; employment-termination practices; and encouraging wellness and appropriate work-life balance.
  • Diversity, Fair Hiring Practices.  We promote diversity and use hiring practices for our employees, management and suppliers that are fair and responsible and do not discriminate on the basis of such factors as gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability, ethnicity or race, that are unrelated to the requirements of the job.
  • Responsible Governance; Professional Courtesy.  We manage our risks properly, use our economic power responsibly and operate our organization in a way that is ethical and legal. We treat others with due respect  in the discussion of legal issues and resolution of legal claims.
  • Dealing with Clients. We embrace our primary legal and ethical duty to serve our clients honestly and effectively. We compete fairly for their business, respect their privacy and confidentiality and provide them with efficient and effective services under the conditions we promise.
  • Awareness and Advice. We help raise the awareness of our employees about sustainability issues in the primary fields of our legal practice and include consideration of such issues in the advice we provide our clients.
  • Well-being of Stakeholders. We work collaboratively with stakeholders in our community to enhance the well-being of others through pro bono legal services, other voluntary efforts, philanthropy and/or other ways.

Environmental responsibility: respect for life; the wise management and use of natural resources

Resource and Energy Conservation. We conserve our use of natural resources and energy to the extent practicable.

Waste and Pollution Prevention and Management. We reduce to the extent practicable the quantity and degree of hazardous  wastes we generate from our operations and handle them in a safe, legal and responsible way to minimize their environmental effect. We also reduce to the extent practicable the direct and indirect emission of greenhouse gases and other harmful air pollutants from our operations and travel.

Reduction of Supply Chain Impacts. We work with others in our supply chain to the extent practicable to help reduce adverse environmental impacts.