Our objective is to ensure that as one of our students, you gain a wide range of professional and practical experience as you work with and learn from a variety of lawyers in the firm. Therefore, at Chaitons you will have the opportunity to work within many of our areas of expertise, and you will have the flexibility to concentrate on your own area of interest.

Examples of the opportunities you will have in each articling rotation are:

Corporate Law / Commercial Real Estate

  • Assist in completion of securities transactions
  • Assist with insolvency-related corporate and commercial transactions
  • Draft commercial and corporate documents, including securities agreements
  • Assist with the purchase and sale of commercial properties
  • Participate in the completion of financing transactions
  • Review and revise leases and corporate financing documents
  • Conduct legal research

Litigation / Insolvency and Restructuring

  • Draft pleadings and motion materials
  • Appear on contested and uncontested motions
  • Have carriage of and conduct small claims court trials
  • Appear at landlord/tenant hearings
  • With other Chaitons' lawyers, attend out of court examinations, motions, trials and   appeals
  • Attend at creditors' meetings
  • Conduct judgment debtor examinations
  • Conduct legal research

Our articling program is designed to achieve three primary goals:

  • Meet our students’ learning and future employment objectives.
  • Help our students to attain professional credibility and excellence.
  • Provide us with an important, active resource.


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